The Proficient Four (4) in Soccer

Soccer Players at higher levels are proficient

in four (4) important areas


Efficiency on ball control, and passing accuracy acquired through constant repetition. In other words, technique will give the players the “how to do it”.


Clear understanding of the game which will affect the players desicion making. In other words, tactics will give the players the “when to do it”.


Athleticism of players which involves the endurance, speed, agility and strength. In other words, physicality will give the players the “how fast to do it”.


Related to the mental and emotional state of players which will play a big role on their confidence. In other words, it will give the players the “how to control emotions and reactions”.

At PPA Training we believe GREAT players have to be proficient in these four areas, especially TECHNICAL. 


Before getting into the tactical side, physical or even psychological, we have to think about getting players to be technically proficient that way it will be so much easier for them to play the game.

Being technically strong, give players the ability to execute passes accurately and with the right pace, buy time for themselves, STAND OUT and be a difference maker.

We recommend for you to look at Pro Players such as Iniesta, Messi, Benzema, David Silva and Ronaldinho. These players are very well known for their technical ability and coaches say that it doesn’t matter if they were the slowest players out there, their ability to play the game makes up for it.

We know you might be thinking “okay this is great, now I need somewhere to start”. We get it, thats why we have put together a video from one of our coaches where he explains in detail the most basic technique to dribble with your dominant foot. In this video Coach Julio will explain the basics on how to dribble with your dominant foot, and shares a very good drill to practice at home, and for coaches to do at their practices.


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