My son has been training with Julio for the past 8 months and the improvement is amazing. His training sessions are challenging and he's meticulous with footwork and ball handling. My 11 year old is playing at another level since starting with Julio and we're excited to see where he'll end up. My 6 year old recently started working with him and I'm impressed with how he catered to her age and ability and she can't wait to see him again!
Jodi Dubas Leuthe
PPA training has been the best training we have seen in the Tri-state area! We have been to many clinics (NJ, PA, NY) and this is the best player development training I have seen! The coaching style is amazing! Coming from a Colombian background, I was looking for a specific style of training and we are so glad we found it in PPA training! We have taken our daughter everywhere and everyone is always impress with her technical ability at such a young age. She has excel in every tryout we have taken her to. She stands out from the crowd because of her crisp techniques she is able to do for her age. We love the coaching style and the personal development they provide for her. She is comfortable around them and she knows that if she is having an issue on the field she can go to Julio and he will provide her with guidance that she then takes to the field. Our daughter plays for an ECNL team, ODP and a handful of other clubs she is a guest player on. We believe that this success has been possible because of PPA training. It has definitely separated her from the thousands of other “pony tails” on the field. PPA training is a great investment!
Eliana Baena
Julio helped my son tremendously and we've seen a huge improvement after training with him. Highly recommend. He is so well-disciplined, knowledgeable and experienced. We only wish we had done it sooner!
Karen Chun
I highly recommend Coach Julio and PPA Training not only for the individual player but also for the entire team. I had the privilege of coaching and training my team “Strikers” with coach Julio for 4 years and I observed massive improvement in every player technically and tactically. I have attended his team training sessions countless times and observed him working with players as a team and individually, gaining respect from each player. It is especially gratifying, to see weaker players develop and gain respect from his teammates and the team(s) playing more consistently.
Kunihiko Matsui
Soccer Coach
I highly recommend Coach Julio and PPA training to anyone who is trying to help thier child/ team transition to the next level as soccer players. He is an electrifying mentor that players are drawn to and feed off of his personality. The training is intense and focused and the kids cannot get enough. They cannot wait until the next session. Julio has spent several weeks with our boys and girls high school teams and his technical and tactical knowledge of the game and how he shares that with the kids has greatly improved our kids foot skills and playing abilities. If you have time to attend a training session with Coach Julio, you won't be disappointed.
Bill Melan
High School Coach
Worked with Julio for about a month and the skill improvement really showed in not only myself but also in my team mates that trained with him as well. His personality and the way he coaches and interacts with us always leaves us wanting more. He is very lively and friendly and knows how to push you to do your best and it is definitely worth it in the end. If you're looking to improve your skill and have fun while doing it, I highly recommend coach Julio.
Kailey Davies
Soccer Player
Coach Julio offers a high level of soccer training to youth. He also possesses a magnetism that motivates kids to perform at a higher level. My children look forward to sessions with him and have elevated their game under his guidance. In particular, their foot skills and striking technique have improved greatly. I highly recommend Coach Julio and PPA training.
Colleen Newswanger
This is a place every prospective and established coach, player, soccer academy should always visit to see diversified training concepts that kids don't get tired of. Every drill is awesome to player development.
Yusuf Babatunde Alimi
Soccer Coach & Former Pro Player
My sons experience with Coach Julio and PPA Training has been nothing but positive. My nine year old has been a part of this program for some time now and he loves it. I have seen so much improvement in his technique and over all physicality. His footwork has improved immensely, his confidence is soaring, and he looks forward to every training session!
Falon Gilley
Julio has been working with my sons and he truly is the best. Julio picked up on specific areas where the boys need more work on to develop into better soccer players. Each session I saw an improvement and he motivates the boys to maximize their full potential. The boys love the intensity he brings !!!
Ann Hartshorn
Julio trained me during my college years at Keystone College and he improved my all around game from fitness to technique! He is a wonderful coach, and a phenomenal example for youth players.
Aadil Mendez
College Player & Soccer Coach
Julio, as a trainer is extremely knowledgeable. What seperates Julio from other coaches is his passion and his commitment to his students. From the advanced to beginner players, each child receives utmost attention. If you are looking for a soccer trainer, he's the man!
Jennifer Pesotine Tigue
Absolute Pro! Two of my children are working with Julio and they look forward to each session. He pushes them every minute of the session and still keeps it fun for them. There foot work has improved immensely.
Noah Stretch
PPA Training and coach Julio are fantastic! If you are looking for positive challenging soccer training, I highly recommend PPA and it’s coaches. There training sessions and programs are designed to focus on basic fundamentals and developing skills of the game allowing players maximize their full potential.
Justin Turano
Soccer Coach
Had a great session!!! Being a friend, it was more business but fun which I enjoyed and learned a lot...would definitely recommend to players for sure!!!
Eddy Enowbi
USL PRO Soccer Player
As a player I believe Julio is a great coach not only because of his knowledge and skill in the game, but because he teaches with great technique and a personality that makes everything fun and exciting. Through the times of training with him I've seen immense improvement in my foot skill and comfortability with the ball. I highly recommend attending his training sessions if you're looking to improve as a player and push your soccer career to the next level.
Jazmine Appel
Soccer Player
Julio is amazing! After three sessions my son showed vast improvement, using moves subconsciously he had to think to use before. He loves going to sessions.
Scott Mitchell
Professional and detailed direction. Great motivation and education.
Frank Carroll
I highly recommend Coach Julio if you want your Child to go to the next level! His training is exemplary and I have seen the growth in every child he has trained and continues to train. He bring the kids to a new level. His training is intense but each child walks off the field with a smile.
MikeBeth Kaylani
Julio is attentive to my child’s needs and makes adjustments as necessary. Truly a great soccer player. Thank you
Cara Mullen Sherman
Julio is a fantastic trainer! He trains my sons U12 boys team and all of the players show constant improvement! The boys love him!
Jason Curry
Julio is one of the best soccer coaches I know. He’s great with the kids and does an awesome job keeping them motivated. He makes it so much fun and that’s what’s most important!!
Emily Keating

We have put together, just for you and your kid, a full week of one of the most intense, challenging, fun and transformational soccer training in the area of Clarks Summit, PA. This soccer experience is great for new players wanting to learn the basics, and work on the fundamentals that makes up a great soccer player! This camp is also, an amazing opportunity for experienced players wanting to take their game to the next level, discovering the techniques, strategies and secrets used by the world’s top soccer academy and clubs!

What you and your kid(s) can expect when choosing PPA TRAINING’s Summit Soccer Camp:

  • Transformational results on foot skills, passing, receiving/first touch, striking technique and playing ability. 
  • Exclusive 1on1 time between player and coach to make sure players understand the game at a higher level.
  • Intense Focused Training that you won’t get enough of. 
  • Detailed knowledge on how to identify and correct mistakes on your own! – Online drills and skill challenges every week after camp is over!
  • Happy and tired kids wanting to come to another elite camp! 
  • Detailed feedback on where your kid is at, where they are after our elite camps, and how can they continue to improve. 
  • Electrifying mentors that players are drawn to and feed off of.
  • Improvement and motivation for kids to maximize their potential. 
  • Passionate, Knowledgeable and committed soccer coaches.
  • Tips and Secrets professional soccer players use, for their continued development.
  • Development of players’ Character, leadership and sportsmanship qualities!

Get Transformational Results in ONE WEEK or YOUR MONEY BACK, No-questions-asked!

More Camp Benefits

 We Develop players mentally and physically, improving their technical and tactical skills. We Harbor love for the game. We help build character, leadership and sportsmanship qualities. We deliver 1on1 time between player and coach to make sure players understand the game at a higher level. We provide parents with FEEDBACK (where their kid was at, and where they are after our elite camps, and how will they continue to improve) We provide players with online soccer Drills and Skill Challenges for their continuous development, every week, once the camp is over!

15 to 35 hours of training, from Monday to Friday, offering five days of intense, individual technical instruction!  We make sure our players get transformational Results right away on Technical ability.

This camp is good for new players and great for the experienced travel team players. All players should be prepared to learn and work on high level/advanced techniques that will guarantee transformational results in a week!

As part of this Summit Soccer Camp, all participants will earn eligibility for the PPA ELITE showcase tournament teams, with the outstanding talents earning recommendations for big soccer clubs, academies, high schools and colleges!

Players will also receive a PPA TRAINING T-shirt, Individual Player Evaluations, and daily performance Awards. Also, We provide players with online soccer Drills and Skill Challenges for their continuous development, every week, once the camp is over! 

Meet the Coaches and our Facilities

We have put together, just for you and your kid, a full week of one of the most intense, challenging, fun and transformational soccer training in the area of Clarks Summit, PA.


PPA Training is a program that promotes the infinite game, which is constantly being a better version of yourself. We provide transformational training for players using a specific philosophy and methodology. In other words, we develop players with a purpose, helping them get closer to their goals and dreams.

Within our staff, we have coaches that have played at the college and professional level in Venezuela, Argentina, England, Spain, Italy and the US, which has allowed us to understand different approaches to the development of players in the world of soccer. Drawing from these training philosophies, tips and secrets, PPA has not only created its own approach but continues to challenge these established approaches, so that our players, coaches, clubs and parents can benefit greatly.

And on top of that we provide top quality training, top quality products, top quality customer service, and much more! 


A beautiful recreational complex that includes a full synthetic turf field located in the south Abington area. 1188 Winola Rd, South Abington Township, PA 18411. 

This turf field is the home of many outstanding players in our area, and it will be the perfect location to hold this amazing summit soccer camp. 


Our Summit Training Camp operate for 3 or 7 hours per day. Each day is carefully structured to ensure optimal learning and development. Below are prices and a typical week and daily schedule which includes daily topics and fun themes for players.

Program Type
Early Bird – Prior to 7/1
Regular – 7/1 Onwards
Half day Summit Camp
Full day Summit Camp
NOT Available in 2020
NOT Available in 2020

Pricing Notes:

Includes Lunch only for full day players.

• In order for a team to sign up for this camp, please contact so the program and the correct registration procedure can be fully explained.

• Payment plan option available for registration before 5/1.


Dribbling & 1v1 moves
Best Soccer Gear
Wear your favorite soccer gear!
Passing & Receiving
Soccer idol
Wear something your idol wears!
Shooting & Defending
Red White Black
Any combination, any item!
Technical Combinations
Club Pride
Favorite club you like to watch or belong to!
Wear your Camp Shirt!
Early Start 8:30 AM
Arrival, Sign in, Free Play Street Soccer.
Welcome / Intro to Topic
9:00 AM
Group Talk | SAQ | Technique Breakdown (Daily Topic)
Activity #1
9:20 AM
Technical Warm Up focused on Daily Topic / Player Centered
Activity #2
9:50 AM
Stretch | Coordination | Injury Prevention Exercises
Activity #3
10:00 AM
Technical Circuit focused on Daily Topic / Player Centered
Activity Break
11:00 AM
Team Building Activities to Develop Social Skills
Activity #4
11:00 AM
Small Side | Principles of Possession in Soccer
PPA Tournament
11:30 AM
Conditioned Game | Small Side or Full Side | Tournament Style
12:00 PM
Half day kids get group review of camp learning objectives


Welcome / Intro to Topic
1:00 PM
Group Talk | SAQ | Technique Breakdown (Daily Topic)
Activity #1
1:20 PM
Technical Warm Up focused on Daily Topic / Player Centered
Activity #2
1:50 PM
Stretch | Coordination | Injury Prevention Exercises
Activity #3
2:00 PM
Technical Circuit focused on Daily Topic / Player Centered
Activity Break
2:40 PM
Team Building Activities to Develop Social Skills
Activity #4
3:00 PM
Small Side | Principles of Possession in Soccer
PPA Tournament
3:30 PM
Conditioned Game | Small Side or Full Side | Tournament Style
4:00 PM
Half day kids get group review of camp learning objectives


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