Planning your session


Each one has a different  objective, because each one has a different task in the soccer field.

The easiest way to plan your session(s) is by knowing what you want to get out of it, what the ultimate goal of your session is. 

Some of you will say, the goal is to get better or get your players better, but ask yourself this question…


Once, you have defined the OBJECTIVE of your sessions you can go ahead and structure it.

To give you a clearer example we have created a session on what we have been teaching you for the past weeks and you will see how we can adapt and use all these concepts.

Training Session


1- Objective

2- Pre-Warm Up (10min)

Intro to specefic objective.

3- Warm Up (20-25min)

Exercises combining different aspects of the game, including the main objective of the session.

4- Dynamic Circuit (30min)

Different stations, working differnte elements of specific objective.

5-Conditioned Game (20mins)

6- Cool Down (10min)

We have created a serie of videos, working on specific objectives, so that you can learn, and teach it to others successfully.

CHECK OUT this video, where you can find lots of different drills and exercises that you can use for your warm ups, or dynamic circuits in your sessions.

and YOU… Have you defined what your OBJECTIVE is?

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