Passing Like Pro


They decided to bring him to “La Masía”, where he dazzled everyone with his unique vision, creating a movement that later became more popular, called the “Tiki-Taka”. Today, we talk about him as a Legend, because we cannot talk about Football without talking about him! One of the Greatest Passers in history – Xavi


This is the most useful skill in soccer, since it allows players to move the ball faster, around and up&down the field. Also, having possession of the ball will give players an advantage since the opposition wont be able to create opportunities to score.

As soccer players start to grow technically, becoming proficient on this technique is imperative to play the game at higher levels, such as academy or even professional.

Also, the success of a team relies on how well the players can pass the ball.

Here, we have created this phenomenal tutorial video, where we give you exclusive access to the passing technique, tips and secrets the professional use for you to master it or teach it successfully to others.​​​​​​​

BEGIN YOUR STORY NOW! and learn how this Legend mastered the passing technique.

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