Fundamental Touches


The answer is “Yes”, you just need practice and the right information! As Johan Cruyff said, “you can try 1000 passes but they’re useless if you have the wrong technique”… So, we will start with the basic technical foundations of soccer.


There are sets of soccer fundamental touches that are key for the development of players.

These are important since they develop ball control, which helps the players be comfortable when receiving the ball, dribbling, passing or even juggling.

We’ve developed a series of Fundamental Touches for beginners and experienced players, that way YOU can start practicing them and getting familiar with basic technical touches.

If you are a coach or a parent, these fundamental touches are key for the development of your players. You can use these as a pre-warm up for your practices, or include them on your dribbling or passing warm ups.

For examples of how you can adapt these Fundamental touches to your drills, check out our Youtube Channel. We highly recommend practicing these drills at home everyday, so that players can see massive improvement FAST!

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