may, 2020

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2020tue19may2:30 pm3:30 pmMoved OnlineFree Virtual Session2:30 pm - 3:30 pm EST Virtual Session at Home. coach/trainer: Julio Pertuz

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We have done over 120 virtual trainings since this quarantine started, taking care of 90+ soccer players that have been affected and couldn’t find a way to keep developing.
What do you get:
  • Transformational results on Foot Skills.
  • Intense speed, agility and core training you won’t get enough of.
  • Endurance and Strength development.
  • Detailed explanations on techniques and skills.
  • Electrifying mentor that players are drawn to and feed off of.
  • Improvement and motivation for kids to maximize their potential.
  • Mental and emotional health!
  • Passionate, knowledgeable and committed soccer coach!
Join your first transformational virtual training at NO COST to you.


Julio PertuzWhen playing the infinite game, you are constantly being a better version of yourself. This is what let me to come up with a way to help unlock people’s maximum potential, named PPA Training. PPA Training was founded in 2015, as a training program offering a new approach to the development of youth soccer, helping improve systems and processes within a soccer club. Players and coaches of all levels are fascinated with the opportunities, resources and tools we provide since these contribute massively to their personal and soccer development. Having played professional in Venezuela (3rd Division), Argentina (Academy), England (Academy), Spain (3rd Division), Italy and USA (College & NPSL), gave me an advantage of understanding different approaches to the development of players and coaches in the world of soccer. Taking the best training philosophies, tips and secrets, we have not only created ours but continue to challenge these, so that our players, coaches, clubs and parents can benefit greatly. As a coach, I am passionate about discovering new ways to help players reach their goals and dreams, and of course, be a big part on their perspective in life, reminding them that “There are no limitations to the mind, EXCEPT those we acknowledge.” When helping other coaches, I am constantly feeding them with all the knowledge I have, asking them to challenge and improve upon it, so that they can come up with their own and positively influence the growth of their players. I have acquired multiple certificates, awards and accolades as a player and as a coach, some people might be impressed and some, like me, might not care about this. I am completely focus on inspiring and empowering our players and coaches to be the best version they can be, so they can make their dreams a reality, strengthen our community and be role models for future


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