Blog 2

Passing Like Pro

They decided to bring him to “La Masía”, where he dazzled everyone with his unique vision, creating a movement that later became more popular, called the “Tiki-Taka”. Today, we talk about him as a Legend, because we cannot talk about Football without talking about him! One of the Greatest Passers...

Planning your session

Each one has a different  objective, because each one has a different task in the soccer field.The easiest way to plan your session(s) is by knowing what you want to get out of it, what the ultimate goal of your session is. Some of you will say, the goal is to...

Fundamental Touches

The answer is “Yes”, you just need practice and the right information! As Johan Cruyff said, “you can try 1000 passes but they're useless if you have the wrong technique”... So, we will start with the basic technical foundations of soccer. FUNDAMENTAL TOUCHES There are sets of soccer fundamental touches that are...